Online Casino History

Online casino gaming is relatively new, having evolved in over just ten years. From its humble beginnings to its recent legal troubles, here are just some of the events that have influenced modern online casino gaming.

1994- Free Trade makes Online Casinos Possible

The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act became passed in 1994. This, and the legislation that has resulted from it, govern how online casinos operate even now.

Merely a year later, companies, with the intentions of making online money transfer programs, became created.

1996- Online Casinos begin Accepting Real Money

The first online cash and gaming program became created in 1996. In October of that same year, the first real money bet is made at an online casino, effectively changing the face of the business.

1998- Online Casinos Introduce Progressive Slots

In 1998, the first online casino progressive slots machine becomes live. With so many people playing online at connected machines, the lure of ever-growing jackpots began to lure in more and more players.

Around the same time, the first attempts to illegalize online casino gambling through the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act failed as the bill was rejected.

1999- Online Casinos Become Multiplayer

The first multiplayer online casino software became available in 1999. This meant that players could share tables for the first time, and even talk to one another through chat functions.

2001-The Progressive Jackpot Reaches New Heights

The biggest progressive online casino jackpot to date occurs, with a win of almost half a million dollars.

The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act became revised this year as well as well as in 2000, but still failed to come into effect.

2002- Online Casinos make a Millionaire

In 2002, a player won over one and a half million dollars, the first million plus jackpot at in online casino history.

2003- eCOGRA and Illegal Online Casino Gambling

eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) is created. This body marks a new era, with improved security and safety guidelines used by online casinos.

The anti-gambling online casino bill tries harder to come into effect, making online money-processing through banks, credit cards, etc. illegal if associated with online gambling.

This year also marked a definitive moment for many amateur online casino players, as the World Series of Poker is won by a player having nothing but online casino experience.

2004- The Online Gambling Ban is Contested

The laws concerning the U.S. ban on online casino gambling become contested by the World Trade Organization, as it becomes noted that the U.S. does not make the same bans on horse races and live casinos.

2005- Online Casino Progressive Jackpots get a new Record

A new online casino progressive jackpot is won in 2005, totaling almost two million dollars.

Present- Online Casinos Endure

Even though playing for real money has become more difficult, online casinos constantly strive to offer great products and services, along with many free options for players.

Source: EnglishHarbour

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