Craps Strategy

Craps is more than just a roll of the dice. Because of the variety of bets available in the craps game, it is essential to understand which wagers have a significant house advantage, and which have no house advantage at all. Then you can adopt a winning craps strategy.

The Best Craps Bet

The Odds bet is not only the best bet in craps, it is the best bet in the entire casino. Because it pays out at the true mathematical odds, it is the only bet in any casino game that has no house advantage at all. These craps strategie are devised to take maximum advantage of this great bet.

The Basic Strategy: The basic craps strategy is very simple. You make a bet on a Pass, Come, Don't Pass, or Don't Come, and then you place as much in Odds on that bet as the casino will allow. At All Slots Online Casino, you can wager up to three times your original bet on the Odds.

The Parity Line Bet System, also called the "Doey-Don't": The goal is to bet on the Odds bets because they are great craps bets. But the craps rules say you have to make a Pass, Come, Don't Pass, or Don't Come bet before you can take advantage of the Odds. So, here is a sneaky way to do it! Bet equal, offsetting amounts on both the Pass and Don't Pass lines, or on the Come and Don't Come bets. The idea here is to basically negate or wash out the Pass or Come bet by making the opposite bet at the same time. Then, wager as much on the Odds bet as you can. This will allow you to water down the House's advantage as much as possible.

The only problem with the Odds bet is that it is difficult to find. The craps table does not have an area labelled "Odds Bet." If you are playing craps online, you have to move your curser around near the Pass or Don't Pass areas, or near the number on which you have a Come or Don't Come bet, and eventually the Odds bet option will light up. Then just left click to place your Odds bet. Remember: it's a great craps bet, and it's worth the trouble of searching for it.

Luck as a Craps Strategy

Some folks are less caught up with the mathematics of craps strategy and rely on more fun approaches to winning craps. Frank Sinatra's song "Luck Be a Lady Tonight" refers to the ritual of having a woman blow on a shooter's dice to bring good luck. Also depending deeply on casino cultural traditions, some people steer clear of certain players and behavior, deeming them unlucky. The most potent of these bad habits is saying the word "seven" at the table. Doing so will absolutely make you a pariah among craps players, and many of your fellow craps players believe that this dooms the whole table. It is also considered unlucky to be a male "virgin" player, while it is considered lucky to have a female "shooter."

Of course, these craps rituals can be utilized only when playing land-based craps. If you play online craps, you can create your own rituals and traditions to bring luck to your >online craps game.

Manage Your Craps Bankroll

The most important strategy when you play craps is smart bankroll management. How can you even know if your craps strategy is paying off, if you are not keeping close tabs on how much real money you are gaining or losing? It is essential to set a loss limit and hold to it. If you come to the craps table willing to spend up to €100, it is very tempting to keep going when that €100 is gone, hoping that the next €10 will win it all back for you, but it is not a good idea in the long run.

If you happen to win quickly, you can adopt the following practice to ensure that you will leave with your bankroll intact. When you are up by 75 to 100 percent of your bankroll, pocket your initial bankroll and only wager your winnings. For instance, let's say you are planning on spending €100 and you quickly win €75 on your first few bets. You now have €175 in your hand. Take €100 and put it in your pocket and place all your future bets with the €75 you have won. This way, you are guaranteed to come out even or ahead.

Have Fun with Craps

Every craps player hopes for a hot table and a great night of fun, but all players must come to the game with a strategy for winning. Playing craps is a fantastic game at a land-based casino or an online casino, and you can relax by knowing that you have a plan. Remember, keep an eye on the Odds bets, as they are in your favor. Don't dismiss the casino rituals that bring good and bad luck; they are big part of the fun of the game. Don't forget to be clever about your bankroll and your loss limit, and don't forget to have fun!

Good luck.

Craps strategy provided by AllSlotsCasino

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