Red Dog


Also known as "Between the Sheets", the object of Red Dog is to bet on the spread between 2 original cards and the odds of a 3rd card drawn falling between the 2 cards. Card values follow Poker standards.


To play, place an Ante bet and select "Deal". You receive 2 cards face up. The Red Dog puck will move to the appropriate spot on the table grid, indicating the spread and the payout.

You have the options to "Raise" (increase bet) or "Draw" (keep bet the same) in any non-consecutive or tie cases.

If you select "Raise", your bet will be doubled and the 3rd card dealt. If you select "Draw", your original bet will remain and the 3rd card will be dealt.

If the first 2 cards are consecutive, i.e. 2 and 3, 5 and 6, 8 and 9, etc., the hand will be a push.If the first 2 cards are a pair, i.e. 2 and 2, 5 and 5, 8 and 8, etc., a 3rd card will be dealt. If the 3rd card is not the same as the pair, the hand will be a push. If the 3rd card is the same, the hand will be a 3-of-a-kind.

How to play

You can place bets by clicking the "Ante" bet circle.

Click on the "Deal" button to have the cards dealt. You can double your original bet after viewing your cards.

Click "Same Bet" to repeat your last bet. If you use the "Same Bet" button, the cards are automatically dealt instead of you having to press the "Deal" button.

You may remove bets by holding the "Shift" key and left-clicking on the bet circle or by using the "Undo" button, which will remove any bets that have just been placed.

For convenience, the value of the last chip clicked on the chip stack is held in memory (indicated with an arrow) and can be repeated without returning to the chip stack. Use the "Same Bet" button to repeat your last bet; this will also auto-deal the cards.


The amount paid out to a player depends upon the spread between the two original cards. The smaller the spread, the lower the chances of getting a third card that will fall between them, which means a higher payout.

Spread between the first 2 cards
Payout on 3rd card falling between
1:1 (Even Money)
Push (bet returned)
Push (bet returned)
3-of-a- kind

Table limits

Details on table limits and payouts can be viewed by mousing over the table card.

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