Poker Trey


Poker Trey is simple, fun and fast-paced - with two exciting ways to play and four exciting ways to win! The results are different depending on which way you bet. You can also combine the two ways of betting.

  1. The first betting option is Ante Play, where you bet against the dealer's hand. Your aim is to get the highest hand to win.

  2. In Pair Plus, you can bet that you will be dealt a pair or better. If you bet against the dealer's hand and on your own hand, you must either beat the dealer's hand, or have a hand which contains a pair or better.


1) Ante Play

The object of Ante Play is to achieve a higher hand than the Dealer.
Dealer needs greater than or equal to Queen-high hand to qualify.
To play, place an Ante bet and select "Deal". You receive 3 cards face up, the Dealer gets 3 cards face down.
After viewing your cards, you have the option of Folding (select "Fold") or Playing (select "Play").
If you select "Fold", your hand is ended and your Ante bet is lost.
If you select "Play", your original bet is doubled and the Dealer's cards are revealed.

Ante Play Payouts
  1. Dealer has less than Queen-high card and does not qualify:

    Ante bet wins 1:1.
    Play bet pushes.

  2. Dealer has Queen-high card or greater, qualifies and:

    Player beats Dealer.
    Ante wins 1:1.
    Play wins 1:1.

  3. Dealer has at least Queen-high card or greater, qualifies and Dealer beats Player:

    Dealer beats Player.
    Ante loses.
    Play loses

  4. Dealer has Queen-high card or greater, qualifies and:

    Dealer and Player tie (see High Card Rules).
    Ante pushes.
    Play pushes.

High Card Rules

If Player and Dealer both have High card only, the highest card wins.
If Dealer and Player tie on High card, the next highest card is used to break the tie. If this card also ties, the 3rd card is used to break the tie. If this card also ties Ante Play hand is a push.

Ante Bet Extra Bonus

In addition to the payouts stated in Ante Play Payouts, you win extra on Ante bet on any of the following hands:

Ante Bet Extra Bonus
Hand Payoff
Straight Flush 5:1
Three of a Kind 4:1
Straight 1:1

The Ante Bet Extra Bonus is paid regardless of whether you beat the Dealer or not.

2) Pair Plus

The object of the Pair Plus Game is to get a 3-card hand containing at least One Pair.
No raising or discarding is allowed.
Player is paid regardless of the Dealer's Hand.
To play, place a Pair Plus bet and select "Deal". You receive 3 cards face up, the Dealer gets 3 cards face up.
You win on a Pair or better, according to the following chart.

Hand Payoff
Straight Flush 40:1
Three of a Kind 30:1
Straight 6:1
Flush 4:1
One Pair 1:1
High Card Lose Bet

Note: If you are playing the Ante Play game at the same time, the dealer's cards are dealt face down and you have the option of Folding (select "Fold").

If you select "Fold", you will lose your Pair Plus bet in addition to your Ante Play bet.

Hand Rankings

Hands are ranked using the following 3 Card Poker rankings:

3 Card Poker Rankings Hand Descriptions
Straight Flush 3 cards in sequence of same suit
Three of a Kind 3 cards of same value
Straight 3 cards in sequence, not of same suit
Flush 3 cards of same suit
One Pair 2 cards of same value and 1 single
High Card 3 singles, highest value card

How to play

  1. Click on the chip stack to select the desired bet amount. The amount selected must be greater-than or equal-to the minimum bet requirement posted on the table.

  2. Click on the Pair Plus and/or Ante circles to place your bet(s). To remove or change a bet, hold the shift key and left click the chip(s) in the Bet circle.

  3. Click on the Deal button to have the cards dealt.

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