Hold 'em Showdown

Hold’em Showdown is a game based on predicting the result of a showdown between two Texas Hold’em Poker hands. The object of the game is to correctly select the winner of the poker hand showdown between the Dealer and the Opponent given the Dealer's hand and a selection of four possible Opponents’ hands.

How to Play

Click on the + and - buttons in the lower right hand corner of the game screen to select your Stake amount.
Click on Deal to see the Dealer's hole cards and the four possible Opponent's hole cards.
Select one of the four possible Opponent's hands to play against the Dealer's hand in a poker showdown, and whether you think the Dealer or the Opponent will win by clicking on one of the Win buttons.

The payouts for each possible outcome are displayed. Once you have made your selection, the community cards are dealt. The best poker hand is then shown and whether the Dealer or the Opponent has won.

If your prediction is wrong, all new cards are dealt and you go back to your original stake amount.
If your prediction is correct, all new cards are dealt. Your winnings become your current stake amount. You can make another prediction with the current stake amount, or select any of the following:

  • Double Stake will double your stake amount.
  • Bank All banks all your winnings and deals new cards.
  • Bank Half lets you bank half of your winnings and wager the other half without going to a new deal.

For example, let's say your original Stake amount is 1.00 and you make a bet with odds of 2.67 that wins. The cards will be redealt, and you can make a new bet of 2.67 on your next prediction (1.00 x 2.67). Or, you can select Double Stake for a new stake amount of 5.34 (2.67 x 2), or Bank All to start again with a new deal and your original stake amount, or Bank Half to make a bet with 1.34 (2.67/2), with the other 1.34 going into your account.


If you don’t like the first set of the Opponent's cards you can press Shuffle to receive new Opponent's cards. The Dealer’s hand remains the same. With every new deal, you get three Shuffles. You also get an extra Shuffle whenever you get four wins in a row, to a maximum of 6. Shuffles are reset to 3 every time a you make a losing prediction or you choose Bank All.

Turbo Bet

Turning on Turbo Bet will cause the result of the game to appear more quickly. You can disable this option.

Last Hand’s Results

When the cards are redealt, the results of the last hand are shown in the game interface on the right side of the dealer's hole cards for your reference.

Hole Card Slang

Just for fun, the poker slang term for the dealer’s hole cards and a brief explanation is displayed where it says Dealer’s Hand in the top left hand corner.

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