Casino Stud Poker


Based on popular stud poker games played in the Caribbean and on cruise ships, Casino Stud Poker is a five-card stud poker game where the player plays against the dealer. The goal is to try and beat the dealer's hand. Casino Stud Poker is played using 1 deck of cards, shuffled after each round.


Start by placing your initial wager, the "Ante". Five cards are then dealt faced down to all players and the dealer. The dealer's fifth card is faced up. You have two options: either play out your hand or surrender and give up your "Ante". If you decide to play out your hand, you then have to place the second part of your wager, the "Bet", which is twice the amount of the initial "Ante". After you have made a decision, the dealer reveals his remaining four cards.

The dealer must have at least an Ace and a King in his hand to "qualify" and so as to be able to play the hand out. If the dealer does not have such a hand, you only get paid on your "Ante". If the dealer happens to qualify with an Ace and a King, or better, and your hand is higher than the dealer's, then you get paid on your "Ante" and the "Bet". The "Ante" is paid on even money´, while the "Bet" is paid out according to the odds on the table below. If the dealer has a higher hand, you lose both bets. Equal hands results in a tie.

How To Play

To begin the game, place your wager by clicking on the "Ante" spot on the table. Your wager must meet or exceed the posted minimum amount. To change your bet amount, hold the shift key and left-click the chip(s) in the "Ante" circle. You can remove bets by holding the "Shift" key and left-clicking on the bet circle or by using the "Undo" button, which will remove any bets that have just been placed.
For convenience, the value of the last chip clicked on the chip stack is held in memory (indicated with an arrow) and can be repeated without returning to the chip stack. Use the "Same Bet" button to repeat your last bet; this will also auto-deal the cards.

Click the "Deal" button. You are then dealt five cards face up. The dealer also gets five cards in a single stack; with the top card showing face up.

After viewing your hand and the Dealer's top card, you have two options:

  1. You can end the game by clicking the "Fold" button, which will result in the loss of your "Ante" bet and terminate the game.

  2. You can play your hand against the Dealer's hand by clicking the "Bet" button, which will place another bet equal to two times your "Ante" bet on the "Bet" circle. After doing so, the dealer's remaining four cards are revealed, and the following rules are applied:

The dealer's hand must contain at least an Ace and a King in order to qualify (play the hand out).
If the dealer does not qualify, you will only get paid for your "Ante" wager, your "Bet" wager will be returned.

If the dealer qualifies and has the higher hand, you will lose both "Ante" and "Bet" wagers.
Equal hands result in a tie, your bets will be returned. If the dealer qualifies and your hand is higher, you will be paid on your "Ante" wager and your "Bet" wager. The "Ante" will be paid even money. The "Bet" will be paid out according to the following Odds Payouts.

Odds Payouts

Odds Payout
Hand Descriptions
Royal Flush
Ace - King - Queen - Jack - 10 of the same suit
Straight Flush
Five cards in sequence of the same suit.
Four of a Kind
Any four cards of the same value
Full House
Three of a kind and a pair
Five cards of the same suit
Any five cards in sequence but not of the same suit
Three of a Kind
Three cards of the same value and two unmatched cards
Two Pairs
Two cards with the same value with another two cards of the same value with any other card.
One Pair
Two cards of the same value and three unmatched cards
High Card
No cards of the same value.


Game results are shown in the player info panel, which shows Balance, Total Bet, and Result.
Any winnings are added to your balance, any losses are subtracted from your balance

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