Battle Cards


Battle Cards is probably the simplest game in the casino. Both you and the dealer are dealt a single card face-up. The object of the game is to obtain a higher value card than the dealer.


Place your bets in the desired circles and select "Deal". You receive 1 card face up and the dealer gets 1 card face up.

Whoever has the highest card wins. In the event of a tie, you are presented with a "War" and a "Surrender" button.

If you select "Surrender", your hand is ended and ½ your ante bet is returned.

If you select "War", your original bet is doubled and the War round begins. You are dealt an additional 3 cards face down which have no value and a final face-up card. The dealer then receives 3 cards face down which have no value and a final face-up card. If you have a higher final face-up card than the dealer's, you win. If yours is lower, you lose. In the event that both final face-up cards tie, the game is declared a push and your bets are returned.

Value of the Cards

2 up to 10
Face Value

How to play

You can place bets by clicking the "Ante" and/or "Tie" bet circles. Click the "Ante" bet circle to win on a war bet. Click on the "Tie" bet circle to win on a tie bet. You have also the option of betting on both circles.

Click on the "Deal" button to have the cards dealt. If you use the "Same Bet" button, you repeat your last bet and the cards are auto-dealt. In this case, you don't have to click on "Deal".

Bets can be removed by holding the "Shift" key and left-clicking on the bet circle or by using the "Undo" button, which will remove any bets that have just been placed.

For convenience, the value of the last chip clicked on the chip stack is held in memory (indicated with an arrow) and can be repeated without returning to the chip stack.

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